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D. Kim and Holly Easterling

“Our children have been at Emmanuel Christian School for five years now.  We felt our children needed an atmosphere of positive reinforcement to reach their full growth potential.  Since the move to Emmanuel, we have seen our children grow socially and spiritually from the influence of ECS.  It is comforting as a parent to know that our children are being nurtured, on a daily basis, by staff that have an eternal interest in our children’s lives.

Another factor in our decision to move to ECS was the Fine Arts program.  Our daughter had an interest in piano and has since added the guitar – all lessons provided on the campus of ECS.  The Fine Arts program has been a blessing, and one we weren’t sure we would find in a small town like Hartsville.

The athletic program is superb!  Our kids have enjoyed a variety of sports including: basketball, soccer, weight-lifting, tennis and golf.  Each sport offers an opportunity for challenge, competition and personal growth – and all within a positive, Christian environment.  It has afforded our children an opportunity to build long-lasting friendships among their teammates.

D. Kim and Holly EasterlingWe are thankful for what Emmanuel Christian School has meant to our family, and how the faculty and staff have impacted our children’s lives.  We are blessed that our children are being taught not only academics, but biblical principles in a Christ-centered environment.  We will be eternally grateful.”