(Click here for new students.  The process and documents are different for new students, and these documents will not be accepted.  EXCEPTION: Siblings of current students and EBC members may also use this procedure.)

ECS Students and Parents,

Thank you for continuing to let ECS be a part of helping you instill a Christian worldview in each ECS student. 

Please follow the directions below for the reenrollment process.

Please note that your application will not be processed until the following four steps have been completed:

1) This year’s account balance is current.
2) Online reenrollment has been completed. 
3) The financial agreement form has been signed and returned.
4) Application and Security/Technology fees have been submitted. 

Please follow these steps for on-line reenrollment.

 If you do not have access to a computer or need computer assistance, come to the school office and ECS will make a computer available to you to complete the reenrollment process.  If you prefer to have printed copies of the documents, you may request them at the school office. 

Click on the green links to go directly to the location or document you need to complete each step.

1. Click on Headmaster Online. You will then log into your Headmaster account.

2. Once logged in, please hover over the Enrollment tab and select the Reenrollment option. You should see your child’s name to select. After selecting your child(ren), please update your family’s profile information under the My Profile tab. (Examples: change of address, cell phone numbers, employment, etc.) Please do not create a duplicate entry for your family.

3. The next step is to complete and sign the Financial Agreement form. Please make sure you print and sign a completed agreement for each individual child. Please have both parents sign if applicable.  If you are unable to print the document, you may request a copy from the school office.

  NOTE:  While the document may be opened in your web browser and filled in online, you cannot digitally sign the document in a web browser such as Chrome or Edge.  To digitally sign the document (as opposed to using an ink pen), you need to download the document and open it with Acrobat Reader which is available for free here.  We regret the inconvenience this may cause, but the security surrounding digital signatures requires it to be done this way.

4. Please submit the application and security/technology fees by one of the following options: checks payable to Emmanuel Christian School, cash, or online payment. All online payments will need an additional 4% added to the total to cover credit card processing fees.

5. The HeadMaster information update must be competed and a financial agreement must be submitted to the office or sent via email at admissions@ecscrusaders.com.  The enrollment process is not complete and student(s) names are not added to the class roster until the documents and fees have been received in the office.  If you wish to apply for financial aid, the Financial Aid Application must be submitted with the financial agreement.

Additional important information:

1. The application fee is $100 for each child if received in the office before March 1st, 2021.
2. The application fee becomes $150 for each child BEGINNING March 1, 2021.
3. There will be a $50 security/technology fee per family due with the application fee.
4. Requests for your child(ren) to have a particular teacher are not guaranteed. Parents contract with the school for educational services, not with the teacher. Final determination of student placement is governed by a committee consisting of teachers, school administration and office personnel.
5.  Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis in the order that both completed applications and application/security fees are received. Once a class has filled, all additional applicants will be placed on a waiting list.

You are to be commended for investing in your child’s education, preparing them for a brighter future and for partnering with ECS to make this happen. We are “Teaching the Mind and Training the Heart.”

Serving your family and our Savior and Lord,

ECS Administration & School Committee