College Applications

SENIORS should fill out at least three applications to colleges this year. The earlier you apply, the better your chances of getting in (apply before December if at all possible). Due to the increase of incoming freshmen on college campuses in the past few years, colleges often raise their standards for freshmen as they begin to get full.

Both JUNIOR and SENIOR students are allowed two college visitation days during the school year. Parents must accompany their child on the college tour. The best time to tour a college is not a weekend, but a school day. This allows students to tour with an actual student for part of their school day, classes may be viewed, the real feel of the college can be felt, and parents can meet with financial aid advisors or counselors. This is why we encourage students to tour colleges. Students must notify the school in advance that they will be absent and get their assignments in advance as well.

College acceptance letters:
Please make a copy of all college acceptance letters and turn them in to the office. We keep a list of all colleges to which our seniors are accepted.

To play athletics in college:
Any students who desires to play athletics in college must register with the NCAA prior to graduating from high school. Please go the and scroll down the right hand side of the page and click on the link for the NCAA Eligibility Center and register.


Christian Colleges/Universities

The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities – This is the most comprehensive site of Christian colleges in North America. They are listed by state with links to each one. – This is a great resource for information on Christian colleges throughout the country. College admissions information and resources are available here as well.
SC Independent Colleges & Universities – comprises 20 private institutions located throughout SC in pastoral communities, small towns, and urban settings.
The National Center for Education Statistics – This website is from The National Center for Education Statistics and has numerous colleges information available. One of the features is a College Navigator which allows you to view colleges from any of the 50 states and find detailed information about each college.


NC-GA Colleges/Universities

GA Colleges and Universities – Profiles and links to every college in the state of Georgia. lets you find out all kind of information on the colleges you’re interested in, and allows you to search for colleges by certain criteria (school enrollment size, religious affiliation, location, public/private, tuition costs, etc) and compare those schools.

Any College/University in the 50 States – A listing of all colleges and universities located in each of the 50 states, reviewed by clicking on each state’s name.