Crusader Comments – March 22, 2021

Hello fellow Crusaders!  

As we continue to move forward in the planning phase for the 2021-22 school year, we are committed to maintaining excellent faculty and staff. You can assist us by completing your child’s online reenrollment now, instead of waiting till later. We appreciate your investment in your
child’s Christian education, helping to instill a Biblical worldview, preparing them for an amazing future, and for partnering with ECS to help make this happen. ENROLL NOW.


* REENROLLMENT continues and open enrollment for the community has begun. REENROLLMENT is on-line this year. If you have trouble with the online format, please contact the school office, and we will be happy to assist you. Please see the detailed instructions listed below the Daily Events for information on how to REENROLL. This same information can be found at, then click on the Admissions tab (on the home page), then click on the 2021-22 Admissions – Returning Students tab. Reserve your seat today and then tell all of your friends to join your family at ECS next school year.

* ECS Enroll Now Yard Signs – If you have a ECS Enroll Now yard sign, it is time to put it out in your yard or business. If you would like a sign to put out, please contact the school office. Please leave signs out until the end of May or end of June.

* Achievement Testing will be March 26-April 1 for grades 3rd
-8th. Please ensure that the students are here on time and do not have to miss school for any doctor’s appointments.

* Spring Break will be Friday, April 2-Sunday, April 11. We return to school on Monday, April 12

* COVID-19 Update – There are currently 0 positive student cases that we are aware of in grades K2-6th. There are currently 0 positive student cases that we are aware of in grades 7th-12th.

*VERSE OF THE WEEK: 2nd Timothy 2:15 “…and from childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.”
*EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE FOR THE WEEK: Lifelong Learning – (2nd Timothy 2:15)
*CHARACTER TRAIT FOR THE WEEK: Generosity (Philippians 4:15-18)

Daily Events:
Monday 22nd
Little Crusader Basketball for 5th-6th grades from 3-4:30pm
Spring Sports Pictures starting at 2:30pm with softball
Home softball game vs Orangeburg Christian at 4:30pm, dismissal at 2:03pm for pictures

Tuesday 23rd
Away baseball (4:30) and Soccer (5:00) games Maranatha Christian at 4:30pm, baseball dismissal at 2:03 and soccer at 2:55

Wednesday 24th
Juniors and seniors taking the SAT in the morning

Thursday 25th
Little Crusader basketball for 1st-4th grades from 3-4:30pm (Last Day for 1st-4th grades)
Away softball game at King’s Academy at 5pm, dismissal at 2:03

Friday 26th
Away Soccer game at Hartsville High at 5pm. Dismissal at 2:55
Achievement Testing can begin for grades 3rd-8th


Go Crusaders!

Have a great weekend and make sure you are plugged into a local church body (Hebrews 10:24-25). If you don’t have a local church that you currently attend, we invite you to visit us at Emmanuel Baptist Church at 10:30 for worship.

ECS PHILOSOPHY (p. 6 in the handbook) – Emmanuel Christian School is an academic institution, founded for the purpose of educating students from a Christian worldview and committed to maintaining and delivering a strong academic program

Crusader Comments are sent out electronically through email on Thursday afternoons or Friday morning and deal with important information and upcoming events for the next week of school. You will receive a Remind text to remind you to review it as you are making your plans for the upcoming week.