Crusader Comments – May 17-21, 2021

Hello fellow Crusaders!  

Wow, there are only two more weeks of school left….. It has been a great year
in spite of Covid-19 and we appreciate you partnering with us in the “Teaching the Mind and Training
the Heart” of each child. Enrollment will continue through the summer. Some classes are full and
others are almost full for next year, so make sure you reenroll and tell your friends that are thinking
about ECS to go ahead and enroll nowENROLL NOW for the 21-22 school year.


*REENROLLMENT and Open Enrollment are online.  If you have trouble with the online format, please contact the school office, and we will be happy to assist you.  Enrollment instructions can be found at, then click on the Admissions tab (on the home page), then click on the 2021-22 Admissions-Returning Students tab.  Reserve your seat today and then tell all of your friends to join your family at ECS next school year.

* Congratulations Mrs. Anne Beck on 35+ years of teaching. If you would like to thank Mrs. Beck, send
a card or note to the school office by Monday, May 24.

*Spring 2021 Parent Survey – A special thank you to the 139 people who responded to our Spring 2021
parent survey. We will be reviewing the results and carefully taking into account your thoughts for the
21-22 school year and beyond.

*Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank you to each family for the way you loved on the ECS faculty and
staff May 3-7. We appreciate everything you do during the year, and this past week was a special
blessing of saying “Thank You” to our amazing ECS faculty and staff. Help us make the last 2 weeks of
school amazing for each student and teacher.

* ECS is now on Instagram. You can follow us at @ecscrusaders.  Like us on Facebook and on Instagram.

* Kindergarten Graduation is this Friday, May 21 at 7pm.

* Excel Recital this Tuesday, May 18 at 7pm.

*Our Seniors leave on Monday, May 17 and return on Saturday, May 22 from their senior trip to Florida.

* 7th-11th grade Exams – Just a reminder that all 7th-11th grade students are expected to attend exam
reviews even if they have exempted the actual exam. Exam exemption is just for the exam, not the
review. A student must have an overall 90% average for the year and minimal days absent in that class to exempt the exam for that class.

* Last Day for 1st-6th grades will be Thursday, May 27

*COVID-19 Update – There are currently 0 positive student cases that we are aware of in grades K2-6.  There are currently 0 positive student cases that we are aware of in grades 7t-12.

*VERSE OF THE WEEK: 2nd Timothy 2:15 “…and from childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures,
which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.”
*EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE FOR THE WEEK: Lifelong Learning – (2nd Timothy 2:15)
*CHARACTER TRAIT FOR THE WEEK: Diligence (1 Timothy 4:15)

Daily Events:
Monday 17th
Senior Trip to Florida

Tuesday 18th
Senior Trip to Florida
Excel Recital at 7pm in the sanctuary

Wednesday 19th
Senior Trip to Florida
Cheerleader tryouts in the gym for current 6th-11th grade girls, 3-4:30pm

Thursday 20th
Senior Trip to Florida
Cheerleader tryouts in the gym for current 6th-11th grade girls, 3-4:30pm

Friday 21st
Senior Trip to Florida
Cheerleader tryouts in the gym for current 6th-11th grade girls, 3-4:30pm
Last Day of School for K2-K5 students – normal dismissal times
Kindergarten Graduation in the sanctuary at 7pm


Go Crusaders!

Have a great weekend and make sure you are plugged into a local church body (Hebrews 10:24-25). If you don’t have a local church that you currently attend, we invite you to visit us at Emmanuel Baptist Church at 10:30 for worship.

ECS MISSION (p. 6 in the handbook) – Our mission is to serve in partnership with parents and local
churches to provide students with an excellent education taught with Biblical truths. Our desire is that
students completing their training at Emmanuel Christian School will be authentic and mature disciples
of Jesus Christ, possessing a wide range of knowledge, experiences, and skills that will enrich their lives
and provide a good foundation upon which to develop a life of maximum service toward God and man.

ECS PURPOSE (p. 6 in the handbook) – The purpose of Christian education is to instill biblical values and
prepare students to fulfill God’s purpose for their life both vocationally and personally. ECS strives to
educate our students with the soft skills necessary for business success and the daily skills for life;
including the arts of communicating, living, solving, investigating, developing talents, and using leisure
time in accordance with Biblical principles. At ECS, we follow the motto of “Teaching the Mind, Training
the Heart.”

Crusader Comments are sent out electronically through email on Thursday afternoons or Friday morning and deal with important information and upcoming events for the next week of school. You will receive a Remind text to remind you to review it as you are making your plans for the upcoming week.