The preschool at ECS uses the Abeka curriculum for K2 through K5.  ABeka books offer biblically-based learning with an emphasis on phonics in reading.  The math focuses on numbers and basic addition and subtractions.  

The elementary grades use A Beka and BJU curricula along with several supplemental texts. A strong emphasis is placed on phonics in early grades, while novels and interpretive reading in a variety of genres are introduced in grades 3-6. Students in grades K-5 are also introduced to learning centers, places where enhanced learning activities are designed for the individual learner to broaden his or her educational experience.

Science classes are full of activity, with textbook exercises integrated with environmental experiment opportunities, thanks to over 250 acres of woods and wetlands. The unique area around ECS provides students with a variety of ecosystems from which learning about the complexity of God’s wonderful creation can be examined.

The school’s computer lab provides opportunities for students in fourth through sixth grades to integrate their knowledge with the latest technology available. Individual computers, carefully protected with high security filters and equipped with current software and internet access, give students the ability to acquire skills in typing, word processing and specific academic applications.