ECS is committed to working in partnership with parents to educate each child. Teachers create an atmosphere of warmth and affirmation in class, which creates an environment where active learning can occur. Upon graduation, ECS students are accepted to the colleges of their choice.

Because Emmanuel Christian School is a private school and a ministry of Emmanuel Baptist Church, the school is not required to conform to all the standards for publich schools.  However, because “our desire is for a student to graduate from Emmanuel Christian School as a well-balanced, mature Christian with a wide range of knowledge, experience, and life skills,” ECS works very hard to ensure that our graduates are ready to continue their education at the colleges, universities or other schools of their choice.

South Carolina Board of Education (SBE) Regulation 43-234 lists course requirements for public high school students to graduate with a South Carolina High School Diploma.  

The student must earn a total of twenty-four (24) units of credit as follows:

Subject Area


English/language arts 4.0
mathematics 4.0
science 3.0
U.S. History and Constitution 1.0
economics 0.5
U.S. Government 0.5
other social studies course(s) 1.0
physical education or Junior ROTC 1.0
computer science (including keyboarding) 1.0
foreign language or career and technology education 1.0
electives 7.0
TOTAL 24.0

ECS requires that four of the electives be Bible.  

All classes are taught from a Biblical perspective using Christian textbooks and other high-quality materials.