Community Service hours will now be called Volunteer Service Awards. 

It is important for students to learn to be servants (Galatians 5:13).  Service hours are important for some college applications and scholarships. It is also important that service be done willingly and cheerfully. 

In order to help students become willing volunteers, ECS is no longer going to make community service mandatory for graduation.  The school will continue to track and report hours for students that turn in forms and follow the criteria below. 

In addition, ECS will track student voluntary service in the following three categories:

1) Ministry Service – Volunteer work done with a church or Christian organization. Examples: working in Sunday school, VBS, or AWANA.

2) Community Service
– Volunteer work done in the community, usually under the supervision of a nonprofit organization. 
Examples: Volunteering at the library, or SPCA.

3) School Service
– Volunteer work done within the school that goes beyond the normal expectations of a student.
Examples: Keeping the books at games or helping teachers after school.
(Note: Helping with class fundraising or helping coaches with setup or execution of games are considered normal activities of class members or team members.  If however, a nonmember of that class or team helps out it may be considered as volunteer work.  If on the other hand, a team member comes in on a weekend to help mark the playing field, this may be considered.)

Students that complete 20 hours of service in a category will receive a cord to wear at graduation.  Students may earn a different colored cord for each category. The senior with the most voluntary hours will be recognized at graduation.

To be counted for service hours:
1) The work done after the successful completion of the 8th grade.
2) The work must not be done for pay, class credit, or any other tangible reward.
3) The work cannot be work done for family, friends, or an employer.
4) If there is any question as to whether an activity will be counted, it may be approved in advance by the principal.
5) Each semester the student’s volunteer service forms will need to be returned to Dr. Ankers, and they will be reviewed each year with the students.
6) All work must be documented on ECS volunteer form(s) and turned in by May 1st of the student’s senior year.

Download the volunteer service hours form, fill it out, and turn it in to the school office.