ECS is committed to working in partnership with parents to educate each child. Teachers create an atmosphere of warmth and affirmation in class, which creates an environment where active learning can occur. Upon graduation, ECS students are accepted to the colleges of their choice.
Our curriculum is under constant review, not only for accreditation purposes, but to ensure that what we are teaching is effective in preparing students for mastery in and out of school.

ECS uses A Beka and BJU curriculum along with several supplemental texts. A strong emphasis is placed on phonics in early grades, while novels and interpretive reading in a variety of genres are introduced in grades 3-12. Students in grades K-5 are also introduced to learning centers, places where enhanced learning activities are designed for the eager learner to broaden their educational experience.

Science classes are full of activity, with textbook exercises integrated with environmental experiment opportunities, thanks to over 250 acres of woods and wetlands. The unique area around ECS provides students with a variety of ecosystems from which learning about the complexity of God’s wonderful creation can be examined.

The school’s computer lab provides opportunities for students in fourth through twelfth grades to integrate their knowledge with the latest technology available. Individual computers, carefully protected with high security filters and equipped with current software and internet access, give students the ability to acquire skills in word processing, the use of spreadsheets, website creation, basic programming and more.

The faculty and staff at ECS continue to look for ways to improve the academic quality through seminars, in-service activities and school-supported research opportunities. The academic quality at Emmanuel will always be at the forefront of what we do as we seek to glorify God, loving Him with all of our “heart, soul, and mind .” (Matthew 22:37)