Emmanuel Christian School strives to develop young people in mind, body and spirit. The ECS athletic program realizes that it has a pivotal role in this process. Athletes and coaches are encouraged to strive for Christ-likeness in all of their activities including training and competition. Athletic training and competition provide numerous opportunities to instill the practice of biblical principles, such as subjecting oneself to authority, working together as members of a team, and controlling the impulses that often arise in the heat of competition. Participation in athletics at Emmanuel Christian School is open to all students contingent upon their meeting the criteria of academics, character, and athletic skill. All teams at ECS are expected to do their best in the true spirit of Christ-centered competition.



Any student who wishes to participate in interscholastic athletics must meet these criteria:

1. Have a current set of sports forms on file in the office To download these forms, click here.  

2. Meet academic standards set forth by the school

     a. Students must have at least a 2.0 GPA.

     b. Students must have no failures on all progress reports and report cards.

3. Be enrolled at ECS Home-schooled students are welcome to participate in ECS athletics, but each participant must also be enrolled in classes at ECS in order to participate in our athletic program.